• Taralyn Painted Pony Restaurant | St. George, UT & George’s Corner Restaurant | St. George, Utah are two of my favorites! Same owners but George’s Corner is more casual. Oscar’s Cafe outside of Zion National Park is yummy, too!
    • Carol Great little soup place and candy shop downtown called Judds. We always try to stop there on drives South! http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g57119-d420094…
    • Michelle Have you tried Camilles on St. George Blvd? I like it a lot.
    • Melissa Mongolian BBQ (Janet notes that her sister thought it lacked in cleanliness)
    • Valerie I liked Painted Pony.
      Slc Lunches Painted Pony. Stop at Centro Pizzeria in cedar City too!
    • Shannon If you’re stopping in Cedar City, swing by Sonny’s BBQ and eat some fried cauliflower for me. Mkay thanks.
      Emily We will be in St George too. We love Anazazi Steak House and you can’t be in St George without breakfast at The Bear Paw.

    • Jamie Without a doubt…Anasazi Steak House!!! They put your steak or seafood on a blazing hot stone, so you can cook it to the perfect temperature you like. It is unbelievably amazing! We go there every time we’re down there. Can’t be beat!!!

    • Andre Irmitas. Carne asada quesadilla. So good.

    • Lindsey – Kelly introduced me to a little place on Main street that I adored. It’s called TwentyFive Main and you need to go there.
    • Rebecca We always go to Pancho and Lefty’s on Bluff. It looks like a dive, but it’s yummy!
      The most debated restaurant was Painted Pony. One person (in private messages) said it was inconsistent and another told me he thought it was overrated. So now I’m curious. Either way, there are lots of ideas of places to try and we can branch out from our usual Pizza Hut for dinner!
      UPDATE: we went to TwentyFive Main. You order at the counter and they bring your food. You get your own drinks. We got 2 plates of pasta with chicken, 2 drinks and 3 cupcakes. It was a cute place and I liked the food but it came to $47 – for LUNCH. That pretty much killed it for us and Stephen didn’t like the food as much as I did (that is predictable, he says it’s hippie food).
      What are your favorite places to eat in St. George?