I hardly ever write about health topics but I’ve recently been educated on a condition that a lot of people have (and many haven’t considered): chronic dry mouth. First, what is dry mouth? It’s a medical condition that is caused by a lot of different things, but specifically people on a lot of medications or with certain health conditions like diabetes or cancer are likely to have it. Many older adults get it (not because they’re older but because they are more likely to take more medications) or those with autoimmune issues. 25% of the population has dry mouth and it happens more often to women (70%) and usually they are postmenopausal. It can also be a condition that happens during pregnancy.

Basically, dry mouth is when you do not make enough or any saliva on your own. It doesn’t matter how much water you drink, your mouth is still dry. It can be a painful condition at its extreme. Not only that it can cause very serious dental issues like excessive cavities, mouth sores, and more. If you don’t have this level of dry mouth but have sensitive teeth, this product line is still amazing – in this case, use the toothpaste.

If you want to see if you have dry mouth, take the survey. You’ll get a chance to get a free sample to try it out. The sample (the same one I got) has a toothpaste, gel, and mouthwash. 

I took the challenge to see if I have dry mouth by answering 10 questions and getting a free sample of the product.

Verdict: I do not have chronic dry mouth. I do however have dry mouth at certain times in my life. 

However, I cannot guarantee that Donald Trump doesn’t have dry mouth! Check out this tweet from Twitter:

Can someone please get @realDonaldTrump a glass of water? His dry mouth makes me so uncomfortable. #cornermouthwhitespit

— Rebecca Corry (@TheRebeccaCorry) June 13, 2016


chronic dry mouth - request a free sample

Dry Mouth at Night

Even though I don’t have chronic dry mouth, I do get dry mouth at night. Especially in the winter when the heater is blasting dry air into the room. I wake up with a dry mouth and equally bad breath to match! I hate that parched feeling. So for that, I’ll put some of Oral 7 gel in my mouth right before I go to sleep. It’s like a moist coating that prevents the problem.

How I Use Oral 7 and Removing Tonsil Stones

Another really strange issue that I have that is not really dry mouth but is treated similarly, is tonsil stones. They are helped by gargling with the Oral 7 mouthwash. I didn’t even know what I suffered from and was totally embarrassed by had a name. I learned it from a group of bloggers who tried Oral 7. We were discussing other ways this product has helped them or their family members and one mentioned tonsil stones. I had a light bulb moment and a cure!

While I was a missionary I got really sick and my throat hurt but I didn’t go to a doctor or slow down. I think that’s how I developed these pits in my throat that get these awful yellow balls of grossness stuck in them. I hate to even discuss it but I hate them. They have the worst smell. I want to get rid of them and try to make myself cough them up. One remedy for removing tonsil stones that I learned is effective, is gargling with a non-alcohol-based mouthwash. So now when I get of tonsil stones, rather than try to cough them up, I immediately gargle with mouthwash. They go away quickly. Even if I can’t prevent them I can get rid of tonsil stones before they get really awful. I just wish I knew this years ago!!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Biotene for Dry Mouth Anymore

If you notice in your dentist’s office, many have a big container of biotene mouthwash. It was the industry standard. However, something went wrong. They changed the formula and took out the active ingredients. Most don’t even know it’s not the same product so they continue to give it to their patients. If you check out Biotene’s Facebook page you’ll see complaints about the changes. You’ll see the mad faces…

biotene complaints

One person even wrote: I have read so many shocking negative reviews from users around the globe on the ‘improved’ version, I think I’ll take my chances and do without it!

The Facebook manager part of me is cringing right now because they just answer every complaint with the number to customer service…when they could hide that section altogether. You can turn it off in the settings. But until then we can see what their customers really think (and it’s not pretty!).

When Biotene changed their formula and disappointed their customers they left a void in the market for people who suffer from dry mouth or who were helped by Biotene. It’s a void that Sterre Health has stepped in to fill with their Oral 7 product (it’s called Oral 7 because you should use it 7 days a week). If you have chronic dry mouth you should use all three of the products daily. If you’re like me, choose the product that matches the specific oral health issues that you have.

Whether you have chronic dry mouth or some issues like I do, check out Oral 7. Try a free sample and let me know what you think!




Oh No! School’s out and you don’t know what to do with your kids! Where are you going to go? What are you going to do? Every summer I stress out about this and wonder how I will keep the kids busy and productive. I’d like to avoid this and too much screen time.

no video games

To help me and you, we pulled together a list of several different

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Fireworks Craft

We all know the 4th of July is coming up and kids love fireworks. If your kids love to make crafts, here is a great craft to make for fireworks from Learning4Kids.

Fireworks craft for kids


Squirt Gun Paintings

We all know that kids love squirt guns. Why not incorporate squirt guns with paint while making a fun diy painting from Fireflies and Mudpies.

Squirt gun painting craft for kids


DIY Summer Camp

If art is not your child’s thing, what about Kids Summer Camps? You don’t necessarily have to send your kids away but you could have your own DIY Kids Summer Camp!! Your kids could put on their own for a summer job (for the neighborhood kids) or you can just host one for your family and/or friends. It’s a low cost way to be creative and keep the kids active.

diy summer camp

We just love this idea and the resources from Power of Moms! They empower moms to get organized and feel happy and productive, so be sure to visit their site to get even more great ideas.

DIY summer camp



Balloon Races

Nothing beats a good game of a Balloon Race! The kids and the adults would have a fun time racing with water-filled balloons especially on a hot, summer day! Check out the race as well as other fun filled games for Kids Summer Activities! Click the photo to get this idea and 24 more outdoor games from Messes to Memories.

I must add that filling water balloons is not my favorite activity and it can take forever. I always have these water balloons that fill 148 in a minute on hand – I found the best price on Amazon. If you have Prime it ships the next day. I usually have at least three packages for impromptu water fights. It’s the fastest way to get my daughter outside. You should bring a bucket or laundry basket to hold the balloons. They fall off into the bucket when they are full. It really is easy and fun!

balloon race



Nature Bingo

No one wants their kids cooped up all day in the house so why not get them outside and into Nature? They can try out Nature Bingo from Bitz n Giggles and add it to your list of great Kids Summer Activities!

You can make up Bingo games for just about any theme (with animals and bugs for example), so hopefully this inspires you.

Nature bingo


Ice Cream in a Bag

Everytime you go by the ice cream aisle, or when you hear the ice cream truck coming, your kids always holler for ice cream! Instead of buying it from the store, why not make your own? You will save money and you will keep your kids entertained at the same time!! Growing a Jeweled Rose shows you how to make ice cream in a bag. You could even make an ice cream bar with sprinkles, nuts, chocolate sauce, cut up candy bars and gummy bears. This would be fun and unique to do at a birthday party – make your own ice cream and sundae!


                                                                 ice cream in a bag


Summer Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

The Crafting Chicks (one lives in the neighborhood) has free printables that you can use to come up and plan even more great activities for your Kids Fun Summer!! There is always something your kids can do to have fun! This one is geared towards your whole family too, not just the kids. It’s sure to inspire you.

summer fun ideas for the whole family


Have a great Summer with your Kids!!!


BIG List of Disneyland Tips for Family Trips

Disneyland Tips

Our family recently returned from Disneyland this past February. As you know there’s a ton of planning that goes into a trip like this! I wanted to share what we learned that might help you and invite you to leave your best Disneyland tips in the comments!

Where to Stay Near Disneyland

We didn’t have it in the budget to stay on resort but we were literally across the street at the Fairfield Marriott. They have a pool and free wifi, but overall the rooms are spacious and pretty basic. The main attraction is how close it is from the Main Street exit of Disneyland.

We have been to Disneyworld and stayed further away and it took FOREVER to take the bus and find our car and drive back. You’re already tired from walking all day. So having your hotel so close is worth the extra expense. Plus, when our teen wanted to take a break he could walk back to the hotel without us.

disneyland tips

What to Bring to Disneyland: Food

We ate breakfast at the McDonald’s that is right by the hotel. There’s a Pizza Press restaurant right there too that we loved. Those were the most fast, easy and affordable options right outside Disneyland where we were staying. I also stopped at a small store on our way to the park entrance and bought some California oranges and they were so delicious!

As far as in the park, bring snacks and water. You usually have to wait so long to get food or find a drinking fountain that it’s a lot more comfortable if you pack your own in a stroller or bag.

Food at the park is expensive. Like a turkey leg and a piece of corn is $20. We had a character breakfast, which cost us $257 for 5 of us. Note: If you are doing a character dining experience, you can purchase your tickets ahead of time through Get Away Today and your taxes and tips will be included saving you up to 10% (which is a lot when it comes to Disney Dining)!

For the best prices on Disneyland, check out GetAway Today! They throw in a lot of extras and all the employees have gone to Disneyland to try everything so they know what’s good and they specialize it affordable family trips. Affiliate link: book disneyland trip

Thank you to David Muncey for his Disneyland tips included here:

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Rodizio Grill Salt Lake City Review + Giveaway

Rodizio Grill Salt Lake Review

Update: Rodizio Grill in Salt Lake has a Groupon special going on right now. I will remove this when it expires but I think it’s a great Father’s Day gift idea!!! It’s not good for use on Father’s Day itself but can save you $30 or more. Check it out here (I’m an affiliate).

The giveaway has ended – the winner’s name is listed at the end of this post. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Address: 600 S 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102 upstairs at Trolley Square

Website: www.rodiziogrill.com

Rodizio Grill has several locations, including 3 in Utah. You can make reservations online on their website.

Food is 100% MSG Free, 100% Peanut Free, and they do have some gluten free grilled items also.


Limited Time Menu: Rodizio Americano BBQ Fest

I recently went to Rodizio Brazilian Steakhouse to try out their summer Rodizio Americano BBQ Fest. I went with a group of bloggers (our meal was comped) and we were trying out the new menu that starts next month. They’ve added several barbecue selections to their regular meal. The menu is the same but it has more! The limited time menu added barbecued ribs, chicken, and smoked brisket (which is with the salad bar), mac and cheese, and corn bread, along with their all-you-care-to-eat Brazilian menu. This will run from July 1 to Labor Day at all Rodizio Grill locations. The ribs were tender and flavorful however, I wouldn’t go just for the bbq (to me it’s not the best part but it does add even more variety and things to try). Instead I’d go for the whole experience.

How Rodizio Grill Works

This wasn’t my first time going to Rodizio but it’s been years. It’s still as it was all those years ago. Handsome men come to your table with meat that they carve off for you and put onto your plate. You can keep trying everything until you’re too full to eat any more! It’s one of the types of restaurants that is fun to eat at if you have a large group. Everyone talks and it’s interactive and the dinner is part of the entertainment.

I tried just about every meat that came around, with sirloin being a favorite, along with the bacon wrapped chicken. It’s fun to try all of the different things they bring to your table. You can take just a little to try it, or ask for a lot. The surprising thing is just how full you get! I liked the addition of the ribs. I also had some of the salad bar, including the cucumber, egg, and parmesan cheese. The cucumber was crisp and fresh. I didn’t try any of the salads that were already made. The buffet bar adds variety and fresh vegetables to your meal. Some would say that’s a waste but while I love meat, I needed some lighter fare to balance it out.


My favorite is always the grilled, sweet pineapple. I could just eat that!


You’re probably not going to go along with me on this one but I think they have the best black beans (actually called a stew or feijoada) and rice. It has pieces of bacon and sausage and is smokey and delicious. I’m dying to try and make it but when I saw the recipes I thought maybe I can just go back and eat some more another time. It’s quite involved.


I tried the traditional Brazilian limeade, which is not as tart or strong as I like but was still a good counterpoint to the heartiness of everything else. Here I am with my friend Emily.



I’m not sure how you can have room to eat dessert but since they provided the meal for us I wanted to try as much as I could, so I tried the chocolate cake. I loved the ice cream and sauce, it was rich and high quality. I could’ve just eaten that. The chocolate cake was Brazilian style which means it was super moist in the center, almost as if it had been soaked in a sauce. The outside frosting had chocolate sprinkles. It’s not super rich or strong like I expected it to be. It came with sliced bananas and fresh whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. Honestly, I wouldn’t order it again and I love chocolate. It was still delicious but to me it just couldn’t compare to the creme brûlée (I don’t have a photo).


The caramelized sugar top was not soft which meant it was fresh (I can’t stand it when it’s soft) and the custard creamy but not too think or sweet custard. It was everything I want in creme brûlée but rarely find. The texture was silky and smooth contrasted with the sugar. It was like a pudding consistency and to me, just right. I don’t love it when the center is too thick. They also had Key Lime Pie, cheesecake, and flan. All are generous portions so you may want to share like we did.

Giveaway Time!

Rodizio Grill gave me 2 gift certificates for a complimentary “Full Rodizio” dinner to give away. The price includes the buffet, salad bar, and the  grilled meats. All of these are all-you-can-eat.  It doesn’t say a location so it looks like you can use it at any of their locations.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment at the end of this post. Say what you like most about Rodizio Grill or if you haven’t been, what you’d like to try. I will draw a winner on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 9pm MST and post the winners name on this blog. You need to leave your email so I can contact you. If I do not hear back within 24 hours I will draw another name.

UPDATE: The winner is comment #3 – Rachel Segovia. Please check your email so I can get your address and mail you your gift certificate!!



New Movies on VidAngel for May 2016


Here are the new releases on VidAngel for May 2016. If you’re new to VidAngel, you might want to get some background before you watch a movie. For more about how VidAngel works, see this post.

  • Deadpool
  • The Boy
  • Dirty Grandpa
  • The Witch
  • How to Be Single
  • Risen
  • Zoolander 2
  • Race
  • The Finest Hours
  • The 5th Wave
  • Joy
  • The Choice

Click here to see all new releases on VidAngel.

Rent Full movies online

Just a note about Deadpool which was added to VidAngel this month. Even mainstream reviewers said the movie had gratuitous violence. This reviewer called it hyperviolence. That’s not something I want to see. I can do without watching rape and other scenes in my superhero movies!

Here’s a headline from this article about Deadpool:

Movie review: ‘Deadpool’ delivers snarky fun from Ryan Reynolds, but hyperviolence goes too far

My son wanted to watch Deadpool without the garbage and VidAngel was a great choice. It cuts about 15 minutes from the movie (there was a bit of controversy about this, but in reality the movie is still watchable. If you’re going to watch it, I recommend watching it with filters in tact. Still, if you want to watch it as is, try Amazon instead, where it’s $5.99 to stream online.


The Mighty Ducks
Up in the Air
You Again
The Iron Giant
This is the End
Runaway Jury
Interview with the Vampire
Hotel Rwanda
High School Musical
The Bridge on the River Kwai



Also added:
Space Jam
Purple Rain
George of the Jungle
Cinema Paradiso full movie (a favorite!)
The Man in the Iron Mask
The Neverending Story
Over the Hedge
The Three Musketeers
The Pacifier
13 Going on 30
Pay it Forward

The Lake House
101 Dalmations
Series of Unfortunate Events
The Great Dictator
Patch Adams
Lady and the Tramp
Good morning Vietnam
What if
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
King Kong
The Machinist

If you’re thinking about going to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie, I say skip it. Watch this one again.



Homie is a new Utah real estate startup that is automating much of the process to sell a home in Utah that costs MUCH LESS (as in you, you’re likely to spend less than $1,000 total) than you’d spend on a realtor. In the hot real estate market in the Western states, it’s pretty easy to sell a home without a realtor (whether you do or not is up to you). Right now Homie is only available in Utah. I put on an event with the company and learned more about how they work. To me it’s a little unclear on their website, so hope this helps explain.

Keep reading or jump to the end of this post for a code to save $50 on Homie…

Homie Review from Brandie:

Homie is too new for us to have used them to sell a home, but here’s a review from a buyer. My friend just closed on her home using Homie and I’m trying to get her perspective also, but for now, from a seller:

Seriously if you are considering FSBO you want these guys in your pocket. I can’t tell how many realtors called me wanting to sale my house after I had listed it. These guys will eliminate all of those solicitation calls. Also when you need to show your home they can help with that too if you are unavailable, you get your own “homie”. They provide you with a lock box and for sale sign with a unique call in number for your home.

Once a deal has been made you then have access to their real-estate attorney!!! I can not tell you how much I enjoyed using them and felt like I had my own team when dealing with the pushing realtors...sorry if you are a realtor I get you are just doing your job but you can be intimidating.

All in all you want to use these guys if you are going to sale your home. Take all of that commission money you will save and buy yourself something nice for your new

Homie occupies a space between FSBO (for sale by owner) where you’re on your own, and paying a realtor 3-6% of the purchase price. It’s free to buy and $399 month to sell a home on Homie. On both sides they have a lot of services to help you.

Homie.com Reviews

Reasons to sell your home with Homie:

  • You may not have the equity you need to cover the 6% in fees and still make a profit off the sale of your home. You may have purchased near the top of the market but sell in a strong market but not for what you paid for your home. I’ve been in that situation. No one wants to go in the hole. You would use a real estate agent but it’s costly and you just don’t have it to spend.
  • You may not want to give up several thousand dollars of your hard-earned equity.
  • You might be interested in doing FSBO but don’t want to do it yourself. You would like some additional help. I’d say that close to #1 here is the professional photos that you will get from Homie, which is a huge factor in making a home look more spacious and highlighting it in the best possible light. This helps you get a higher price for your home.

To me it makes sense to find your own home. Most people can find homes for sale by searching online.

I really like that Homie lists two prices on their listings. The with an agent, and the price without an agent. That makes it pretty clear what you’ll save. So why pay a realtor $9,000, not to mention the interest on that amount over a 30 year loan (based on 3% on a $300,000 home)?


7 Essential Things you Need to Sell a Home in Utah:

  1. A professional lawn sign. If you go cheap on this people mentally take off several thousand dollars from their offer. They immediately think, we’re dealing with amateurs. Homie will install and take down a professional lawn sign.
  2. A unique and trackable phone number. If you’ve ever sold a home by owner y0u know that you get absolutely inundated by phone calls and visits from realtors who want to sell your home. Homie screens calls for you and only passes along the ones that are legit.
  3. Professional photos of your home from a Google Trusted photographer. Homie specializes in taking photos of homes so they sell. They are very good at getting the right angles to make every room look its best. To hire a photographer to take photos of an individual house would normally cost $250 – $500.
  4. A lockbox with a key to your home. Showing a home is often inconvenient. People don’t often show up when they say they will. Plus, if you’re there, potential buyers won’t be as open about what they think about your home. Homie will install a digital lock box on your home so you don’t have to be home when someone wants to see your house.
  5. An appraisal so you know how to price your home to sell.
  6. A team of real estate attorneys to work with. With your account, Homie includes up to 2 hours of personal time with their attorney to review your Utah real estate purchase contract and answer legal questions you may have. If you’re buying a home they will draw up the offer letter paperwork for you and handle any counteroffers, free of charge. If you’re selling, it’s included in the cost.
  7. List your Home on major Utah real estate websites. Homie will list your home on all the major real estate websites and apps including Homie.com, KSL, Zillow, and Trulia. They will also list on the MLS.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell a Home in Utah with Homie?

Homie charges $299 to sellers who want to list their home and then $99/month after the first month. The company says that most of the time people find the homes they want to see before contacting a realtor. They research everything online. Homie lists Utah homes for sale on their website (with the price to buy using Homie and a separate price if you have your own agent on the buyer’s side), as well as on Zillow, Trulia and KSL Classifieds.

They can list it on the MLS, but advise against it. Today, more people start their home search online with Zillow and other services. The problem with using the Utah MLS is that you’re buying into the old system of selling a home: one with 6% fees. On a $300,000 home that’s about $18,000.

From Homie: Nearly all houses on the MLS require the homeowners to pay agent fees on both the buy and sell side of the transaction (6% of the purchase price). Many Homie users, however have been able to sell without paying any agent fees, or only paying a buyer’s agent if they brought the buyer and a great offer. Our users save an average of $10,000 at closing compared homeowners of similarly-priced homes who paid typical agent fees.

Save $50 on Selling a Home with Homie With This Code

If you want to use Homie to sell your home in Utah, you can save even more. Just use my promo code NPG-BLOG – and you will get $50 off the setup fee ($299) when you sell a home with Homie. Enter the promo code at check out. Homie gave me this code to share with my readers and I’m an affiliate having worked with them to educate bloggers about their service. One of our bloggers recently sold their home with Homie.



First, I’m happy to announce that we have almost completely left the princess dress phase that has been going on at our house for over 3 years now. Thanks Frozen! I’m ready to go for more stylish and simple dresses that pair well with pants under them and are comfortable and easy-to-wear and care for. One brand that I’m a big fan of because it wears and wears, plus the styles cover babies and little girls so they’re not overly exposed to the sun or showing too much skin is, Tea Collection.

Right now they are having a huge sale, so it’s a great time to get stocked up for summer.

May 2016: Check out Tea Collection’s Memorial Day Sale – the entire site is 20% off + free shipping. Shop baby girl dresses online now.


Tea Collection is a boutique children’s clothing company that also sells online. Their clothes are durable and made to be played in.They do not wrinkle easily, making them ideal for travel. Their dresses are easy to get on and off, like this girls wrap dress (of course for us we need to get pink). Alexis has had several pieces from Tea Collection and writing about them makes me want to get more!

girls wrap dress

The fabric has bright patterns which are inspired by cultures, places and things from all over the world. These were inspired by tile. From the Tea Collection blog:

Along the Amalfi coast, you’ll find ceramics everywhere you look. Embedded into the cobblestone streets in beautiful mosaics, stacked on the shelves of tiny shops lining the streets, on the walls and floors of the houses, hotels – truly everywhere. We were amazed by all of the beautiful patterns and colors found in the tiles. Ceramic pottery is a handicraft tradition, passed down through many generations and perfected along the way. It is no surprise that over the centuries, the tile has made its way from a traditional craft into modern art and fashion. You’ll see this inspiration in many of our newest styles, including these beautiful maxi dresses.

girls maxi dress

One thing I like about dresses is you don’t have to worry about packing a top and a bottom, it’s easy to keep track of and match with shoes. Here are some baby dresses I love, especially the one with blue flowers:

play dresses

Besides dresses I love the rompers, they are probably my favorite baby item of all time. One piece, easy to change diapers and there’s nothing like those cute baby legs.

Here’s a preview of some rompers, the best summer outfit for babies (and what I more often than not buy to have on hand for baby gifts).

I should add that they do have boys clothes too at Tea Collection – since I have a little girl, I’m all about the girl clothes (teenage boy clothes are just not as exciting – all he wants to wear are anime tshirts!). I’m just in love with the baby girl clothing lines, like dresses.


Update: The winners of the tickets were Carol and Caroline. Both have been notified. Here’s my Facebook post about it. I also have a giveaway for Salt Lake’s Rodizio Grill Brazilian steakhouse going on right now, that ends June 6 at 9pm MST.

Last night I got the honor of attending Cavalia Odysseo in Sandy. You’ve probably seen the billboards all over the Salt Lake area with a white horse and the commercials and wondered what the show is really like. Odysseo is showing at the South Towne Mall in the big white tents along the parking lot closest to 1-15. The multi million dollar show tours the world and represents the world with both people and horses from different countries.

Review of Cavalia Odysseo Horse Show in Salt Lake

The production was created by Normand Latourelle, a co-founder of Cirque Du Soleil (whose history is fascinating to me). It features 65 horses, including stallions (my husband said they forgot one–him!), live singing, musicians, intricate costumes, acrobats, aerialists, stunts and a magical stage that takes various forms from dessert to mountain pass. The stage is literally elevated at some points so the horses are being ridden down the hill. It’s a journey through landscapes and time. It’s magical and feels like a story book. The horses are powerful and when they run fast without saddles or riders, it is mesmerizing.

For gold evening performances use code SOCIALUT to save 10%. Go here to buy tickets.

Cavalia Odysseo Review

The horses make everything feel so free and open. Like you are in the wilderness. There’s a deep reverence and respect that you can feel between the horses and the performers that draws you in. The horses are cherished in a way that I wish all shows with live animals were (I’m talking about places like you, Sea World). It’s not just tricks but a partnership between woman/man and these incredible animals.

We had third row seats so we could see the expressions and interactions on an intimate level. Many of the stunts are stunning, like women in white flowing costumes standing with one foot on one of two white horses. They are running fast and yet the women look majestic and strong. Some of the moves of the riders are so technical and difficult that you find yourself gasping – hoping the rider can hold on and not be trampled.

We went during social media week. For this one performance we were given permission to take photos and video during the show. We turned the brightness of our phones down and didn’t use flash. If you put ‪#‎OdysseoUT‬ in the search bar on Facebook you’ll see all the wonderful shots we got to take.

I feel like this production had a soul unlike some Cirque shows that are mostly entertaining or even a bit strange. I’ve seen Michael Jackson, Love, Ka, Zarkana, Mystere, O, Viva Elvis, and Ka in Las Vegas. I loved Ka the most because it is the only Cirque show with a storyline. That’s the only thing I wish Cavalia Odysseo had. I want main characters and a story. The drummers and acrobats didn’t fit to me (even though their sheer athleticism was inspiring), but if there was a reason for them it would’ve been more compelling.

This is a great shows and certainly worth going to. Go! It’s not every day Utah gets an opportunity to host an international production like this. You don’t have to go to Vegas, it’s right here. I’m quite certain Sandy is the smallest city on their tour which started in 2003. They were last in Beijing.

Odysseo horse show review

The men in shorts had the most incredible abs!

Note: If you suffer from hay and dust allergies you may want to bring allergy meds just in case. I heard from some people who attended the show after I did had a reaction. I had zero issues but come prepared if you think you might.

Ticket Prices

Adult tickets run $99.50 on the weekend (I’m not counting the obstructed view tickets which I don’t recommend). Gold/VIP are $144.50 and include dinner, drinks, dessert and snacks. There are also family packages. Tickets are $10 less on week days. There is a $12.50 fee for ordering online so you may want to go to the box office if you want to avoid the fee.

Discount: For gold evening performances use code SOCIALUT to save 10%. Go here to buy tickets.

Now for some logistics to be aware of.

The show is running until June 20th (it was extended).

Running Time
Show time is 2 hours with a 30 minute intermission. Kids might get a little antsy towards the end because it’s late but there were kids of all ages and after the show started I didn’t hear them (could be different at the performance you go to). Considering the cost and because I would rather not be distracted, I’d keep it a date night and not bring the kids.

Located in the South Town Mall parking lot, closest to I-15, under the big white tent.

We paid $10 to park right up front near the entrance but there is free parking around the area. We arrived 1.5 hours before the show and it was already packed, but we were eating. I recommend getting there at least 30 mins early, especially on a weekend. We attended on a Wednesday night and almost every seat was filled.

Along with other Utah bloggers, I was given VIP tickets which included a buffet, popcorn, desserts at half time, and drinks (soda, coffee, hot chocolate, and alcohol). We had a chance to visit the horses in the stables after the show and get photos with some of the performers. The food was prepared by the show chef and is eclectic, and much like the show, it had elements from different cultures. It’s for a slightly more adventurous eaters and not particularly kid friendly. I only wish the food was labeled so it was clear what it was. What I thought was a tomato dish but it was tuna tartare (I think), which has raw tuna. There were beef and chicken dishes, salads, and quiche tarts. However, the popcorn was the best popcorn I’ve ever had. Desserts were small brownies, lemon bar squares (I wish I had the recipe, so delicious), tiramisu cake, cookies, cheesecake, cheese and fruit. I wasn’t crazy about the food but liked it.


There are concessions inside the tent although we didn’t actually ever go to that part of the tent.

There are seats are good no matter where you sit just not near the obstruction which is marked. It’s a small venue and the seats are like bleachers so you can easily see the stage.

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Follow Cavalia on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cavalia where you can see videos taken at the event and backstage.


Utah Summer Camps for Kids 2016 Edition

Every summer I’m on the lookout for summer camps in Utah that my kids might be interested in attending. If you have any to add to the list please contact me and I’ll add them. Don’t wait until summer to sign up because these camps fill up fast. Now is the time to get registered. It may already be too late for the more popular summer camps.

Here’s my list of Utah summer camps for kids:

Utah Summer Camps 2016
Ogden Nature Center 2016 Nature Camps

Choose from full week camps, single day camps, and part day adventures. They have family camps and camps for toddlers – essentially for all ages. There really is so much to choose from. Camps start in June.

Ogden summer camp


Wondering what to do with kids this summer? This post is FULL of ideas for a DIY summer camp! Click here: http://bit.ly/1ZRTTLn

Coding Camp in Lehi for kids aged 10+

This is a weeklong summer camp in Lehi, Utah that will teach children ages 10 and up the basics of coding with Java programming in the thrilling world of Minecraft. Must sign up and paid for by May 23, 2016.

Cost: $99 for five camp sessions (Monday – Friday) + $26.95 for the Minecraft software

Summer Camps at the University of Utah

The U has several summer camps – too many to detail here.
For kids ages 5-11 there are a variety of camps – they are generally from 8am to 3pm for three days. More information here: https://continue.utah.edu/clubu/clubu_classes

The GREAT (Graphics and Robotics Exploration with Amazing Technology) summer camps are aimed at students who want to unleash their creativity while learning about computer graphics, robotics and programming by making games, animations, and robots.

Ute DayCamp for volleyball June 13-15 9 AM – 12 PM. This camp is geared for 3rd-6th graders and beginners at volleyball. Register at: https://registrationelite.com/utahutes/event.php?idEvent=838

Hogle Zoo Summer Camps

The zoo holds camps for kindergarten through 7th graders. One of our favorites is the zookeeper camp, but there are many more to choose from.

Do you dream about animals? Do you think measuring, scrubbing, sweeping and interacting with wild animals are good ways to spend your day? Have you always wanted to be a zookeeper? Well, here is your chance to see if you have what it takes. Come to the Zoo for a hands-on, behind the scenes, fun-filled day. Participants will spend their day with a staff member preparing animal diets, cleaning exhibits and creating enrichment for some of our animals. We will provide lunch, a T-shirt and a Keeper-tastic time!

For more information about Keeper Camp call 801.584.1788

Wheeler Farm Summer Camps

They fill up fast – there is a horse camp but it only has 1 more session open. Ride and learn to care for horses. Open to Beginner level riders ages 8 to 14.

Also, camps on the farm. Farm Camp Activities include: Cow Milking, Gathering Eggs, Farm Chores, Horseback Riding, Wool Spinning, Animal Grooming, Blacksmith Demonstrations, Historic House Tours, Gardening, Hiking, Exploring the Woods, Wagon Rides, Arts and Crafts, Games and more, all center around farm life, then and now.

Utah Valley University Summer Camps for the Arts 

The Noorda Theatre Summer Camp offers classes for children ages 5-18, taught by master theatre artists and assisted by current UVU School of the Arts theatre, art, music, and dance students. Classes are from 9am-12 or 1pm-4pm, with a supervised lunch break, should a student choose to stay for both morning and afternoon classes. Classes are a week-long, running June 6 to July 1, 2016, and have a short workshop recital on the last day that parents are welcome to attend. They have tuition reduction for those who qualify.

Real Salt Lake Soccer Summer Camps

Are your kids into soccer? These soccer camps are for ages 4-12 and last for 3 hours.

Camp Roger

This is a YMCA camp and it’s overnight in cabins in the mountains with a mess hall, flagpole meetings each morning and all the classic summer camp activities. They have specialty camps too to teach leadership and there’s a horse camp too. There are family camps and so many specialty camps to choose from.

The camp is in the beautiful Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

Honeybee Nature School Sumer Camps (in Ogden)

These camps are for younger kids, ages 3-8 years old. They focus on yoga, art and nature and are Monday-Friday from 9am to noon and start June 6.

Cost: $20 a day or $100 per week.

Girls Go Digital Summer Camp

Utah girls tech summer camp

This is the only technology girls camp for girls age 8-18 in Utah. It is a remarkable summer camp where girls learn to code, hack, design and make.

They have several locations: Dixie State in St. George, SUU in Cedar City and Junior Achievement of Utah in Salt Lake City and now Weber State University.

Take advantage of early bird registration by entering the appropriate discount code at registration. DSU = EBDSU, SUU = EBSUU and JAC Session 1 = EBJAC1 or JAC Session 2 – EBJAC2 and WSU = EBWSU. We have lots of great activities plan for more that 500 girls this summer in Utah!

Spaces are limited. Register today at https://register.girlsgodigital.org/register

Girl Scouts of America Utah summer camps

Another one for the girls! Camps are in Southern Utah, Park City and Provo. There are several to choose from if you have a girl scout in the family.

Kool Kidz Camps in Clinton, Utah

Camps are for preschool to 17 years old. They have arts, science and engineering camps.

Kool Kidz Preschool is excited to offer our week long summer preschool camps. Each camp will be from Monday – Friday from 10:00 pm – 12:00 am or 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm (except for the week of July 4th, it will be a 4 day camp and price is adjusted for that week.) You can sign up for one (1) camp or all eleven(11). Camps will be similar to preschool with Music and Movement, Reading Time, Manipulatives and Math, Discovery Time, Creative Art Projects, Snack and Imaginative Play.




New Movies on VidAngel for April 2016

It’s time to look at the new movies added to VidAngel for the month! Just a quick review of how VidAngel works. VidAngel is a clean movie streaming service like ClearPlay that carries a ton of newer releases and older movies. It’s basically a way to make any movie family friendly by letting you decide the level of content you want to see or hear.

To be able to let you watch a copy the way you choose to, you have to “buy” a copy and then automatically return it when you’re done watching it. So to make this legal (it’s risky to go to free movie download sites), you put $20 into your account, watch the movie, get $19 back (HD is $2/night). After that either cash out or watch more movies! Our favorite part is not having to leave the house or worry about returning the movies. No lines, no late fees, no hassle.

We use VidAngel on vacation too to keep the kids entertained on the drive.

There are free movie streaming sites out there but you are taking a risk. They are often spammy and full of ads. Most are not legal (I’d rather not take the risk!) or if they are they are much more expensive. Plus I like to support a company that shows clean films. All links are affiliate links.

Ok, onto the new releases!

VidAngel New Movies for April 2016

New Releases on VidAngel

The Forest

The Revenant – I recommend using filters for violence, the bear scene is just gruesome and to me, gratuitous! Also, just a little trivia. There’s a scene that reminds me of The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo rescues Luke Skywalker and he uses Luke’s lightsaber to cut open his tauntaun and secures his friend inside the animal so he doesn’t freeze to death. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character has a similar experience but it’s just him and he cuts open his horse.

Norm of the North

The Lady in the Van

Ridealong 2


Star Wars The Force Awakens

Point Break


The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

Daddy’s Home

The Big Short (loved this film about the 2008 housing boom, they manage to make a somewhat dry subject informative and interesting).


Alvin and The Chipmonks Road Chip


Click here to see all new releases.

New TV Shows Online

Breaking Bad Season 5

Dexter Season 3

Added: Game of Thrones Season 5 (they have seasons 1-5) – it is Game of Thrones censored (if you choose).

Click here to browse all TV shows.

Other Full Movies Added on VidAngel This Month

I am most excited about Ponyo, it’s a delightful but quirky movie! Click on the image to go directly to the movie.

The Outsiders The Terminal movie online Major Payne movie
Watch Dirty Harry online Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy full movie online rent Garden State movie
Hancock movie online Ponyo online Rush Hour movie online
watch Kingdom of Heaven movie online Mortdecai movie online


The Island
What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Yes Man
The Karate Kid
The Princess and the Frog
Just Friends
Ben Hur
Castle in the Sky – my son’s favorite.
Jem and the Holograms

Lots of good family movies on the list this month – enjoy family movie night!