BBQ Champs Open R&R Barbecue in Salt Lake

Utah is hardly the mecca of good BBQ, but we do have champions here. Being the competitive guys they are, Rod and Roger, owners of the new R&R BBQ restaurant, placed 1st or 2nd in every barbecue contest in Utah (see for listings) and won national competitions too. They’ve catered events and built a following that was just hoping they’d open a permanent location.  They listened and last month, opened a restaurant.


You really should eat there. When you do you’ll love me for telling you about it.

It’s the best BBQ in Utah. It’s also easy to get to, just off 600 South on the right hand side the block of the Courtside Marriott, downtown.

R&R BBQ – Facebook Page
307 West 600 South
Salt Lake City, UT


“People go nuts over our chicken quarters.”

I started out with 3 kinds of smoked chicken wings with 2 kinds of sauces. They smoke the wings for over an hour, then flash fry them for a crisp outside. I’ve had buffalo wings in New York and since then have been disappointed with anything else I’ve tried. These aren’t spicy wings and they don’t come with celery sticks, but they are as good!

I also tried the brisket, ribs, coleslaw, hushpuppies, fried okra, mac and cheese…and everything was super tasty.

The meat is smoked overnight in this baby, demonstrated by Katherine:

My favorite things on the menu? It was tough to pick! I’d say the brisket tacos and the ribs. I wasn’t expecting the taco to be that great, after all, tacos aren’t usually what you think of when you’re eating barbecue. Still, it has chunks of avocado in the green salsa and fresh coleslaw and the flavor is not incredibly intense, it’s just that it has flavor and it’s all the right textures and crispness with the tender brisket. Yes, it’s good.


And you have to have a key lime tart (it’s just the right size) at the end.

Like the story on their wall says, it’s hard to go wrong. They make everything there, from scratch. And with food like this and a philosophy of being the best at whatever they try, you can’t go wrong. Instead you get: “…the finest damn barbeque to ever hit you in the lips.”


Be warned though – on Fridays the line can go out the door and they usually run out of brisket by then. So maybe you should go now. Yes. You should. Maybe you’ll see Heather and the Salt Lake lunch crowd there when you do. I think they’re already regulars, judging by the hugs and chatter. Oh, and guess what? The owners are twins! I thought they were kidding but I’ve read it a few other places.

Whenever you go, here’s how it works.

The line starts here…



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  • Katie Clark May 5, 2013, 9:50 am

    YUM! My husband and I are always on the search for good BBQ. He’s from North Carolina, though…and he is very picky about his (we’ve only found on restaurant in Utah that serves Eastern Carolina BBQ.) Regardless, we definitely want to try this place. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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