Ogden Utah, Here we Come!

After writing about Fruit Heights and Utah, there’s a big change coming for our family. For the past 6 months we’ve been building a new house with Ivory Homes, in South Ogden, Utah! Even though I’m keeping this Fruit Heights Friends – I will start featuring more about Weber County and the Ogden area. Since Ogden isn’t very far away, hopefully it will inspire you to visit.

I’m a big fan of Ogden for many reasons. Here are some:

  • It’s home to an incredible startup community including an entire new hub downtown for collaboration and a world class community in Eden Utah which will attract celebrities and entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • There are 2 street taco stands!
  • It’s very community-oriented (we do the Thanksgiving walk for charity every year and they have many festivals and public events).
  • There’s a farmer’s market.
  • The Ogden Athletic Club – the whole family can participate and year-round pools and hot tub.
  • 25th Street with it’s charm. We found the food to be top notch, the prices reasonable and you won’t be treated worse if you don’t order alcohol (sorry, Salt Lake).
  • It’s a much more laid back kind of place with a lot of diversity.
  • It’s an outdoor mecca and we will have a neighborhood pool.

I recently attended a blogging event to get to know Ogden better. We did a walking tour of 25th Street. It was sponsored by Indie Ogden and the following businesses: green the worldSonora grill, Rovalis restaurant, Sweet pop”n cafefamily shareTreehouse museum (already members), silver firs farmbeehive cheese (their smoked cheese is amazing!), mama mouse saystimeless yoga and grounds for coffee on 25th (the popular yoga class meets upstairs and they have delicious homemade cake donuts – my favorite was the chocolate mint).

I knew one person when I arrived and left with at least 2 new friends and a plan to meet monthly for a blogger’s lunch. I’m looking forward to that. Blogging gives you a community of people to connect with wherever you go and though I find myself making new friends easily, it always helps to have a group of people close by who share your passion for something.

Here we are:


My favorite were the antique shops – I found a great red choker necklace for $9 and a vintage shirt that I talked them down to $20 for. The colors in the shirt remind me of a Matisse painting. I’m eyeing a few pieces for the new house. There’s a garden shop that I stepped into and immediately loved too.

I’m looking forward to seeing a movie at the Indie theater, eating at the pizza joint, the swimsuits at the new but looks vintage store, and checking out the used book store. There’s so much to explore. Plus it’s close to Union Grill, a restaurant that I love and that my husband and his family have been loyal customers of for years.

The trains and station make a perfect backdrop to engagement or family photos so expect to see one of us taken there someday soon. It will be hanging on our mantel and we’ll all be wearing matching denim shirts. Just kidding on the denim shirts.

There really is something for everyone in Ogden and I’m proud of how the mayor has improved things significantly. If you want to hear more about our day on the town, be sure to check out these posts from bloggers who were there.

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  • mikaela May 30, 2013, 3:30 pm

    I am so glad you had a good time! I hope to meet you again

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