Why I Should be the Official Sego Lily Spa Blogger

I read the newspaper today as I do every Sunday. That’s how I learned about Sego Lily Spa’s (a Layton Utah spa) blogging contest.

I encourage everyone from the neighborhood who blogs to enter! Why? Because if they pick you, you’ll get to go to the spa and get free treatments all year. If they pick me you’ll benefit from a happier neighbor, which studies say makes you happy just by living near me.

Why you should pick ME:

1. A brilliant idea needs excellent execution and I’m already a well-respected Utah blogger.

The contest is smart – find bloggers who live nearby and get them to write about your business. Next, give them a chance to write for you in exchange for very desirable and FREE spa treatments. I would’ve amped up the SEO value by asking them to link to the site with the words “Utah spa” which you’re currently #4 in Google for.

I specialize in social networks (think Facebook and Twitter) and online PR. Also, I have connections with other Utah bloggers and tweeters. In other words, I can get you on Twitter too (automatically) and get your blog posts to auto feed onto your Facebook Fan page.

2. I need spa treatments. I grew up with 4 brothers. Besides that I need to be more glamorous for book club and going out to lunch with my girlfriends.

Now that I live in a neighborhood of high standards I need a bigger beauty budget. But we just bought a new car and the house is new too. Plus we just got married. Eventually I’m going to need to upgrade my diamond a few carats. In the meantime I need to spend more time looking beautiful and aging gracefully. To help my social life.

Now if you could partner with a dentists maybe I could trade blogging for some straighter teeth. After that I’m looking for a chance to write for new clothes and some lipo. JUST KIDDING. At least I won’t need to blog for a new husband, because so far I’m satisfied.

3. While I don’t have blog design skills I do have connections to getting an amazing design at a screaming deal.

I can’t offer this to everyone, but I get foreigners to do blog design work for very reasonable prices. They could turn your pictures into a custom WordPress design in days. I do recommend that you use WordPress and I have the perfect customizable theme in mind.

This theme is new. This blog started out being for women but moved to a more general audience. So I took out the crafty theme and went for a newsy look. In the future it will have pictures of people in the neighborhood and the header will be a Hidden Springs shot.

I have been to Sego Lily. I love the zen atmosphere. I’m hoping one of the free treatments would be for couples. My husband isn’t a writer but he’s funny and he’d fully support me in creating an entertaining blog post. He dictated that line about not wanting to blog for a husband (which is true).

Most of all – being the Sego Lily blogger would be FUN and gives me something entertaining to say at dinner parties. This sums it up nicely:

Will blog for spa treatments.

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  1. Sterling,
    Thanks for reading and commenting. Are you affiliated with the contest?
    I’m thinking of calling my installments “The Stepford Chronicles.”

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