Must Visit Utah Toy Store: Blickenstaff’s

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“It feels like Santa’s workshop” – Bjorn Knudson, age 11

I recently got a tour of Blickenstaff’s toy store with a group of bloggers. Going to Blickenstaff’s is like being a kid again. I kept discovering new toys and wonderful things.

It also felt a lot like Christmas.

The Utah toy store is located in the Riverwoods Shopping Center in Provo.

One of my favorite things is that you or your kids can try out the toys in the shop. (My son Bjorn has his eye on an EzyRoller).

They have rows and rows of candy (don’t tell Bjorn but I’m giving him Fruit Striped gum and vintage candy canes in his stocking).

While you’re at the store, pick up their catalog because you’ve likely missed something you must have for Christmas this year (for example, I’m going back to look at that adorable corduroy teddy bear in the window). Plus there is a coupon on the back for $10 off a purchase of $100 or more. I know what I’m using it for!

They also have a big selection of games of all kinds, dress up, dolls, science toys, and candy. The store is decked out from top to bottom with interesting things so come when you have some time to spend. And don’t forget to look up — their is a train and other toys on display at all eye levels.

During December they’re doing a lot of promotions, so be sure to “like” Blickenstaff’s on Facebook so you don’t miss a single one. Also, be sure to pick up one of the holiday guides that tell you about the events that are going on at the Riverwoods.

One more tip: in the back of the store there’s a toy horse you can ride (free). If you have young kids they will not want to miss out on this! Check out a picture of it and all of the pictures our talented photographer Bryce Olsen took of our outing here.

Going to Blinkenstaff’s is enough to make me want to move back to Utah County. But then I’d have to rename this blog to Orem Friends and it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Here are all of the bloggers who were there and had a great time:



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