Ultrasound Lipo Review – at Salt Lake City’s TruShape

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I signed up to test out TruShape and do a review of their ultrasound lipo treatments.

Where is TruShape located?
It’s located inside a hair salon (a room actually) called Image Studios which is in a retail complex right across from Costco. They will open a Draper location soon.

1850 S 300 W Suite D Studio #114

Salt Lake City, UT 84115

(801) 871-3709

What does TruShape ultrasound lipo do?

First, ultrasound lipo is not invasive so it’s not surgery and it doesn’t hurt. It’s like getting an ultrasound before having a baby (for the ladies). They put some gel on a wand-type instrument and go over the areas where you want to lose fat or tighten skin. Your fat cells are targeted. They die and are eliminated. It takes about an hour for a treatment.

TruShape uses a Class I machine, which is high medical grade equipment. They are the only place in Utah that does. So even though you might find a cheaper alternative or see other places advertised, TruShape has a high quality machine which means results.

How were your results?
I couldn’t believe it the first time I went! I lost 2 inches from my outer thigh. My pants didn’t stay up. I lost anywhere from 1/4 to 2 inches off my thighs each treatment (I did 3). And it was effortless. I don’t have loose skin so I couldn’t comment on that benefit but it did take off fat!

Just before this I paid $600 for a personal trainer. After working out 30 mins. twice a week for a month I lost 2 inches! What I wish is that I had done the personal training the same time as ultrasound lipo to magnify the results. I figure for around the same price or less and no effort I could’ve lost the inches. Or I could’ve done both. A study they’re working on shows that is the best combination and does more than either by itself.

However, with both ultrasound lipo and working out you have to eat well or keep it up to have lasting results. If you eat more and don’t exercise it comes back. I was actually surprised at how much my measurements change from week to week depending on how I eat and how much I exercise.

Ultrasound lipo is ideal for already thin people who just want to tighten or lose in spots. I felt like I wasn’t the ideal client (I should lose 15+ lbs first).

How do I sign up for an appointment?
The best way is through the TruShape Facebook page. Near the top is a “book now” link where you can go to book an appointment.

Your appointments must be scheduled a few weeks apart. In between appointments you need to eat right and exercise to maintain your fat loss. I maintained it the first 2 treatments but on the third I had gained it back. So be sure that you’re ready and committed to make the most of your fat loss.

Room for Improvement
I felt like they could improve on privacy. There’s not another room to change in and the “door” makes it so people can walk in during treatments. I also would’ve appreciated a card with my measurements so it was easier to keep track of. They are developing an app and some diet tools to help.

Bottom Line
If you’re working to look better in your swimsuit or have some stubborn areas you just can’t seem to reduce even with your best efforts, then TruShape is ideal!

Check out TruShape on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/trushape

Also check out another Utah blogger’s experience with ultasound lipo here (with before/after photos).

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