7 Utah Summer Camps for Kids

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School’s almost out and Utah moms everywhere are planning their summer schedules. I’m part of a blog roundup of ideas on what to do this summer with your kids at Girl Loves Glam blog. There will be a new post each day starting with this one.

31 Days of Summer Fun

In our family it’s a tradition to do at least one summer camp each summer. I’ve compiled a list of some options, from overnight to day camps and classes. Here are 7 Utah summer camp ideas for you.


1. University of Utah Summer Camps for kids

The U has a lot of classes to choose from. I really wanted my son to do the app programming class but I waited too long and it’s full. We’re on the waiting list now and may opt for this class on video game design instead. There are many different types of camps from sports to science for age ranges 5-14.


2. BYU Youth Camps

From ballroom dance to Chinese immersion, there are several unique options mostly for older kids in high school or junior high. Check out the “youth” tab at https://ce.byu.edu/cw

3. Utah Valley University Noorda Camp 

If you’re kids are into acting, puppetry or other theatrical arts, check out this camp from UVU. The schedule on the website is from last year, so you may want to call to see what’s on the schedule for 2013. Eileen Nagle at 801-863-KIDS. Call today to register:  801-863-8012.

Through their department of community ed UVU also offers camps – yoga camp, math camp, and more. There are a lot of other offerings that aren’t technically summer camps but run during the summer and are reasonably priced. Check out https://aceweb.uvu.edu/SubGroup.awp?Group=COM&Title=DISCOVER+Community+Ed+-+Utah+Valley

Cities also have summer camps and they are often quite reasonably priced.

Military youth camps – there are camps from St. George to Logan and in between. If you’re a member of the military, check out these options: http://utah4h.org/htm/omk/omk-summer-camp-registration.

4. Camp Floyd History Camp

“Campers will meet costumed interpreters, play 19th Century games, drill, march and set up a soldier’s camp, fire an 1860’s period firearm, make and take home soldier craft activities. Other activities include conducting a full-scale military exercise; and observing muskets and a cannon fired. Participants will receive a history camp tee shirt, Union or Confederate kepi, replica rifle, canteen, haversack, harmonica and more. Campers will return home each day with furlough papers.”

For both boys and girls, 8 to 11 years of age.  Each camp is limited to 24 participants and runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.  Reservations and $95 camp fee are required. The camp is located near Lehi. More at:


5. Soccer Camp with REAL Salt Lake – If you have a kid who loves soccer, this camp would be so fun. The camps  happen all over the state at different parks, see http://www.realsaltlake.com/youth/youth-camps for details.

6. Camp Rogers YMCA camp

We’ve done Camp Rogers for several years. It’s an overnight camp with cabins, a mess hall and everything you need for an authentic summer camp experience. If you register early you get $25 off. Also, if you recruit a new camper for the 2010 season, just have them put your name on the registration form and you get $20 off your registration fee.  The more friends you bring to camp the more you save! If you do decide to attend, please put Janet Thaeler as the person who referred you. We put down $50 deposit and the remaining about $400 is due at least 3 weeks before the camp. They have different prices depending on your financial situation. You decide what to pay but if you request to go free, they ask for your financial information to determine need.  See www.YMCACampRoger.org

There are different specialty camps like leadership and horse riding for older kids and teens.

7. Be a zookeeper at Hogle Zoo – camp for ages 12-17

“Come to the Zoo for a hands-on, behind the scenes, fun-filled day. Participants will spend their day with a staff member preparing animal diets, cleaning exhibits and creating enrichment for some of our animals.” Limited to just 4 kids per session, and it’s a one day experience. Cost is $100 and includes lunch and a tshirt.


BONUS summer camp: check out the science, art, math and technology themed camps at the Leonardo located in downtown Salt Lake City (older kids).

The only camp I don’t know much about is vacation Bible school type religious camps. Feel free to add any you think we should know about by leaving a comment on this post.

In case you need even more camp ideas, Enjoy Utah also has a list of camps, check it out.


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