Utah Massage Envy Mother’s Day Giveaway

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NOTE: Giveaway info for a FREE ONE HOUR massage at a Utah location of Massage Envy is at the end of the post. I’ll draw a winner on Friday, May 10th at 9pm MST. 


Last week I joined some of my favorite people – Utah bloggers – for some pampering time at the Sugarhouse Massage Envy. We each got a chance to get a chair, table and foot massage and after all the stress of this month, I have to say I needed it! I only wish I had a copy of the group photos we took.

If you live near Sugarhouse I highly recommend Byron – I loved his style and personality. I lucked out. BTW, it’s a good idea to tell the receptionist the type of massage you like and ask them to recommend a therapist. You take your chances if you take whomever is available. I ask for recommendations and keep going back to the therapists I like the most. My worst massage is one that is too light…so I make sure to ask for therapists who give deeper massages.

I’ve been a member of Massage Envy for several years. You pay monthly for a massage and that makes the price reasonable and makes sure you don’t forget. If you don’t make time for yourself it’s easy to let it slide. This makes sure I take some time out each month to relax and recharge. Most of the time I get a deep tissue one but I’ve also loved the hot rocks massage. I usually get a 1 hour but the 90 minutes is another dimension (and would make a great gift for moms!).

Massage Envy is coming out with a new concept that you will love – spa services. The locations that have the spa option let you add a facial or a foot scrub to your massage or get them by themselves. The foot scrub has warm towels, my favorite.

Not only have I found incredible massage therapists at Massage Envy, I like how quick and easy it is. You don’t sit around sipping lemon water in a robe in a dimly lit room waiting for someone to call your name. You drive up, check in and start your massage. Sure, there are times when I want a long spa experience, but when you’re a mom you take whatever time to yourself you can find. In other words, long spa days don’t come as often (usually when we’re on vacation). Life is busy but I still believe moms need to take regular time to themselves to recharge.

I go to the Bountiful location but there are 13 Massage Envy locations along the Wasatch Front from Layton to Orem.

Now it’s your turn. Get or give a massage away to someone for Mother’s Day. I’m giving away 1 Massage Envy Gift Card good for a 1 hour massage at any Massage Envy location along the Wasatch Front.

Winner will be announced TODAY, MAY 10th, at 9pm and you must use your gift card before May 31, 2013.  To enter tell me how about your favorite massage or what type you want to try.

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