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If you’re like me I have a lot of essential oils at my house. I just don’t know how to use them all. Of course I regularly use lavender, peppermint and lemon oils but there are several that I need to learn more about – I need essential oil classes! The key here is I don’t want a sales pitch or to talk to a distributor. I don’t want to join an MLM. I just want unbiased information.

Essential Oil Classes

Last year over 165,000 people learned about essential oils through the Essential Oils Revolution. It’s a free online conference with essential oil classes from 36 experts. It runs online for one week and this year it’s from Monday, August 22 to Monday, August 29, 2016. If you watch or listen live it’s free. After those dates you can purchase classes.

If you go for the free version then you need to listen while the conference is in session. After that the online access package for all of the expert talks is $99 for all of the classes. That includes everything, along with the videos, transcripts and everything for the entire conference. Click here to check it out.

Here’s how Essential Oils Revolution works: for the next week they have 36 essential experts who teach tips, strategies and secrets for using essential oils safely and effectively. They are in interview style with host Dr. Eric Z (Eric Zielinski). You can listen to the classes that appeal most to you.

For me, so far it’s the class on sleep and the one on blood sugar and diabetes (more on that in a minute). Each day has a theme.

Day 1 (August 22, after 10am US eastern) 

Today is all about learning the role of essential oils in health and how to use them in cooking.

Here’s a day 1 sampling:

Essential oil classes
free essential oil classes

Day 2 (August 23, after 10am US eastern)

Today is focused on hormone balance and women’s health.  Men will also find information to help even out your mood and combat stress and anxiety with essential oils.

essential oil classes from the Essential Oils Revolution

DAY 3 (August 24, after 10am US eastern)
Learn about essential oils and Lyme disease, ADHD, diabetes, insomnia, pain conditions and more.

DAY 4 (August 25, after 10am US eastern)
More than just “smelly stuff,” essential oils provide natural solutions for every aspect of your home. Learn how to wisely use oils in your food, as safe cleaners, for your pets and with your children.

DAY 5 (August 26, after 10am US eastern)
Trauma, grief and abuse can be debilitating. Today’s experts provide practical advice on using essential oils to help balance your emotions during troubling times.

DAY 6 (August 27, after 10am US eastern)
Your skin is the first line of defense, so it’s critical to minimize toxins and preserve your health. More than just a “beauty product,” learn how essential oils play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of your health as well as anti-aging.

DAY 7 (August 28, after 10am US eastern)
Today’s experts discuss the significance essential oils have in our current healthcare model, and alternative medicine.

DAY 8 (August 29, after 10am US eastern)
Encore Day. If you missed some of the expert talks they’re all unlocked for free on this day.

Register to see the rest of the free talks (including Encore Day when you can listen to any talk free).


I just started listening myself. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve learned so far:

Essential Oil Information

Class Review: Essential Oils and Diabetes

You don’t have to be overweight to get diabetes. Only about 40% of people who are very overweight get diabetes. There are more people who are diagnosed that are a normal weight. You don’t need to have a family member who has diabetes to get it. All races, ages and both genders can develop it.

My dad has diabetes and there’s no prior history of it that I know of. He is tin (always has been) and he is active. It was a real shock to all of us! I’m at risk because I had gestational diabetes. So I’ve really started to work on my lifestyle, eating and weight too.

Family practice doctor Brian Mowll talks about how you don’t just wake up one day with diabetes. By the time you’re diagnosed you have probably had it for several years and there’s damage done to your ability to process sugar. He talks about the role of stress and essential oils like cinnamon that can help you.

Class Review: Essential Oils and Sleep

I loved this essential oil class about sleep and essential oils. It had great strategies that can help you get deeper sleep. I struggle with getting a full night’s sleep for different reasons. I solved the issue I had being woken up by my husband’s movement with our new mattress. He doesn’t get up as often so that helps. But there are still problems that keep me from getting sleep. Dr. Breus gave me some peace by pointing out that there’s not a perfect night of sleep and how sleep changes because of many factors. He shared a lot of information that will help me!

Michael Breus is the sleep expert for this essential oil class. Dr. Breus is a psychologist and sleep disorder specialist. He’s been on Oprah and Dr. Oz and they call him “The Sleep Doctor.” He says that on average it takes 20-25 minutes to fall asleep and that if you fall asleep instantly you’re probably sleep deprived. After listening to his advice and the interview I went to YouTube to find this biaural sleep video and looked for the app they recommended.

Dr. Breus talks about how a very small percent of people need to be on sleep meds and what you can do to help yourself have better sleep. The essential oil he discusses is magnolia bark – one I haven’t heard of but now want to check out for its ability to help reduce anxiety and therefore help you fall asleep, stay asleep (insomnia) and other issues. He also mentions your mattress and pillow as being a factor. So sleep is a blend of things and factors. This class helped me see sleep in a more holistic way and really motivated me to get more sleep and take it more seriously. It ties right into the last class I reviewed about blood sugar and metabolism.

On both of these I need to go over things and it really helped to have the transcripts. I can’t always listen to videos (I would wake up my husband) or I want to review just certain sections. I can just search through the PDF using control F (find) and typing in terms that I’m interested in.

I hope this is helpful. I didn’t love every single interview. Some I skimmed through and others I listened to and read every word. There really are some incredible experts in this series. I admit I started out skeptical because sometimes essential oils distributors and others I’ve heard can be a bit too pushy or overwhelming. I didn’t find that in these interviews and I learned a lot.

Sign up here for free essential oil classes and I’d love to read your comments about what I’ve discussed or what you learn from the classes.

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